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In the state associated with New South Wales, Quotes, there are numerous locations that are generally identified by local names. Regions usually are locations of which talk about identical qualities. These types of qualities may be normal like the Murray Lake, this shoreline, as well as this Cold Piles. However, this qualities may be ethnic, for instance a viticulture area work with. Fresh South Wales can be portioned by quite a few local boundaries, based on distinct qualities. Oftentimes boundaries identified by distinct firms usually are coterminous.
Population by Statistical Area
NSW rank Statistical Area Population  2014 10 year growth rate Density
1 Sydney 4,840,629 15.8 391.3
2 Newcastle and Lake Macquarie 368,121 9.0 423.1
3 Illawara 296,846 9.3 192.9
4 Hunter Valley excluding Newcastle 254,087 16.2 12.2
5 Richmond Tweed 243,116 8.9 23.5
6 Capital region 220,944 10.9 4.2
7 Mid North Coast 212,787 9.2 11.3
8 Central West 209,850 7.9 3.1
9 New England and North West 186,262 5.3 1.8
10 Riverina 158,145 4.7 2.7
11 Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven 146,389 10.4 21.7
12 Coffs Harbour-Grafton 136,429 7.6 10.2
13 Far West and Orana 119,742 0.3 0.6
14 Murray 116,130 4.1 1.4
NSW 7,518,498 10.5 13.0


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